Friday, July 26, 2013

Owl Job Cards

So I have moved schools this year. I will be teaching 5th grade at a public school so this will be quite a change for me. I am continuing my owl theme. This year for my jobs I have decided to have 1 job for every student and the jobs will change every 9 weeks. No more weekly rotation. Each child will apply for the job they want and they will specialize in that 1 job for the WHOLE 9 weeks. I am going to glue the cards on library pockets. There are some jobs that require more than one person. I haven't decided if I will have a separate pocket or just put more than 1 student stick in the 1 pocket. But here they are for your enjoyment. It is 12 pages for some reason but only the first 4 are the actual jobs. When you print just print pages 1-4. There are 24 cards in 4 colors with some doubles. Each card has the job title and the description of each job. I think the 9 week system will work well. The kids can become really good at the one job and they will be less likely to forget to do it. Then when the new 9 weeks comes they will be responsible for training their replacement. It was an idea I got from pinterest of course. So here are the credits.....I am not sure where the border came from, it was a file on my computer....the owls are JW illustrations and the font is lettering delights and Kevin and Amanda. Hope you enjoy.

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