Saturday, June 16, 2012

Student retell rope

I have already been very busy this summer. It seems like the summer is almost gone:( I am getting over my summer cold...seems like it always happens to teachers....when you have a will get sick.  It seems like I haven't really gotten to rest. Here is the latest thing I have created. I was inspired by pinterest..of course. It is a kid size retell rope for them to make and color. I have flipped the images so it can be two sided and easier to assemble. For younger kids it might be easier to draw a square around the "characters" to make them easier to cut.  Then you glue them together with a piece of ribbon or yarn in the middle. I think by letting kids build the rope themselves it will be more likely to "stick" in their heads. I did not include the words beginning, middle, and end for the back pieces but they are colored the same color. Once it is finished children can hang in on their desk or take it with them as they are reading to each other. Hope you enjoy.

my example one

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